Festival of the Thread


I am excited to have been invited by the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts to curate an exhibit in conjunction with the Last Best Fest. I have been an advocate for textile arts since making quilts over 30 years ago. I credit my mother and aunt who opened the first quilt store in Montana and their influence during the early years of the quilting revival.

Everyone relates to thread, it makes up familiar everyday objects, the necessities and the niceties. Whether knitted socks, woven tablecloth or quilted bed covers their familiarity and functionality give us comfort. Familiarity and comfort do not make them ordinary, quite the contrary. Each handmade object has invested in it the qualities that define them as works of art: skill, design and discipline.

As we pull the knitted cap around our ears, dry our hands on embroidered towels, slip on a dress, brush crumbs from the tablecloth, usefulness overshadows art and a maker is taken for granted. It is for this purpose that The Festival of Thread will display these objects, to see the everyday a little less ordinary.