Life as…

Artist as a young girl in ruffled bathing suit circa 1963.


I’ve always had an unexplainable attraction to ruffles, polka dots and pink. I never knew why exactly as I strongly resist pink clothing with ruffles and polka dots. A few years ago my mother found my baby quilt. A memory of comfort and well being wrapped around me at that moment of discovering the quilt’s pink polka dots and torn ruffled edging. I thought I had moved away from my beginnings but surprisingly, I wound up where I began. Objects can cause us to remember places, people or feelings and this is what I try to achieve in my work by stitching life into each quilt.


In an attempt to recreate the past, I’ve gathered polka dots, pillowcases and linen cutwork napkins to incorporate into a quilt or collage. I’m not sure I can bring myself to “deconstruct” the crocheted edging on the pillowcase, but it would be a lovely touch.