Ozzy’s Quilt


Baby Ozzy's pinwheel quilt.

Baby Ozzy’s pinwheel quilt.

When I was commissioned to make a baby quilt for Czech born baby Ozzy, I asked my sister-in-law if Ozzy was a Czech name? She laughed and said that it is not a Czech name and this is her account how Ozzy got his name.

On April 17, 2011 Roseann Story-Lebl (aka Leblová) Prague Czech Republic wrote:

Yesterday we delivered the quilt to Michal’s newest great-nephew, Ozzy Novák. His parents, Kateřina and Matěj, had a party for him in their two room flat. I am still amazed how they utilize the space with 3 kids under the age of five.

When Kateřina found out she was pregnant with a boy, they were discussing the name possibilities when Ozzy Osbourne came on the radio.  They joked about calling the baby Ozzy but it seemed ridiculous because no Czech has the name Ozzy.

The last name “Novák” is like “Smith or Jones” and Kateřina and Matěj are interesting, creative people and they wanted something different for their 3rd baby.  The other two children are named Anežka and Mikulaš, which are typical Czech names.

As time went on the name Ozzy grew on them. So they made a deal together; if the baby was born with light hair he would be called “Vit”, a typical Czech name. But if he had dark hair they would call him Ozzy. Their other two children were born with blond hair so it was unlikely this baby would be born with dark hair.

Kateřina went into labor a week before her scheduled c-section while Matěj was in Croatia. Her mother took her to the hospital where the baby was born in a room so dark that it looked to Kateřina that the baby had dark hair. She told the hospital his name was “Ozzy”. Meanwhile in Croatia, Matěj was having second thoughts about the name and called Kateřina. By then it was too late, the baby had already been born and the hospital officially recorded his name as Ozzy Novak.

In the darkened maternity ward of a Czech hospital the only baby named Ozzy had come into the world.

But there was still another step in the process of naming a Czech citizen. Ozzy’s non czech name needed to be approved by the one lady in the Czech Republic that approves all names. When she received the request for the name, she wrote in her report that she would “accept” the name since it was a legitimate name in the world, although she would not recommend the name because it would not follow the Czech naming convention. In way of explanation, the Czech naming convention is to ensure the name will follow language rules. For example, an ending is added to a female’s last name to indicate the relationship to the family. My last name should be Leblová, not just Polly Lebl.  The “ová” part of the name means belonging to the family of Lebl. As a foreigner I can get away with that. I also like that my first name is Polly because they cannot “Czechize” my name. I am Polly in all cases.  So now, Ozzy is Ozzy in all cases.  He will be very unique.  In the end, his name was approved and he is probably the only Ozzy Novák in the world.


The new baby has a beautiful quilt which was admired by all the guests.