Strip Pieced with Add A Quarter


Strip Pieced Bohemian Travel Quilt #2


For this quilt I used a handy tool, called the Add-A-Quarter™ which was invented by my friend and author, Carolyn Cullinan McCormick. By using this tool a quilter can create intricately paper pieced designs, like the traditional, Feathered Star.I decided to paper piece the blocks in this quilt using the Add-A-Quarter to make sure my seams were even and the design stayed consistent. For those familiar with my work, I have a design I call “fractured” and it is in the improvisational style. With the Bohemian Travel Quilt#2 I used 4 different block designs printed on paper, then paper pieced with scraps to give the impression of improvisational style. Since the designing was already done,  I was free focus on my colors and fabrics, sew and then trim with the Add-A-Quarter. This quilt has 100 blocks, set diagonally with a vintage “cheddar” calico. This was a college graduation gift for my niece, Ali.


Fractured Piecing Design