Strip Pieced with Add A Quarter


Strip Pieced Bohemian Travel Quilt #2


For this quilt I used a handy tool, called the Add-A-Quarter™ which was invented by my friend and author, Carolyn Cullinan McCormick. By using this tool a quilter can create intricately paper pieced designs, like the traditional, Feathered Star.I decided to paper piece the blocks in this quilt using the Add-A-Quarter to make sure my seams were even and the design stayed consistent. For those familiar with my work, I have a design I call “fractured” and it is in the improvisational style. With the Bohemian Travel Quilt#2 I used 4 different block designs printed on paper, then paper pieced with scraps to give the impression of improvisational style. Since the designing was already done,  I was free focus on my colors and fabrics, sew and then trim with the Add-A-Quarter. This quilt has 100 blocks, set diagonally with a vintage “cheddar” calico. This was a college graduation gift for my niece, Ali.


Fractured Piecing Design



Antique Doll Quilt


Hexagon doll quilt circa 1955

The tag line on my page is “naturally inspired” because inspiration can come from anywhere. The natural beauty around me, light, color and the vast expanses of sky and land influence my work. Works by other people inspire me too, like this vintage doll quilt. I talk about the life in these pieces, which is the human imprint of the labor invested, but color and design is the first thing to admire. I have selected unique one of kind fabric collections inspired by this little quilt found at Life as Quilt on etsy.

So many quilts so little time.

Paper Pieced String Patchwork

Paper Pieced String Patchwork

I’m often asked why I don’t make large quilts, the answer is, “so many quilts, so little time.” I have more ideas for quilts than I have time to make them. I think of them as sketches. I start with an idea, for this one I wanted to use paper piecing and scraps. I make it big enough to decide if I want to invest more time into it, then I might make it bigger depending on how much I enjoyed making the first 50+ pieces.